Who We Are

Founded in 1979, Renkus-Heinz is a recognized world leader in professional loudspeaker technology. Our ground-breaking innovations and passion for sound have made Renkus-Heinz synonymous with premium audio.

Our sound systems deliver pristine audio to the world’s most prestigious projects. From international airports and landmark museums to glass corporate atriums and marble cathedrals, Renkus-Heinz has The Sound Solution for any space.


At Renkus-Heinz, we have made it our quest to not merely adapt to new technologies but to embrace them, leading the audio industry forward into the best practices of the future.

The Renkus-Heinz philosophy is steeped in our long legacy of innovation – the harnessing of technology to solve even the most challenging acoustic environments. This history of innovation is borne out by our numerous patents for groundbreaking technologies.

Passion for Sound

At our core is a passion for sound and solving even the greatest acoustic challenges. An early pioneer in the development of complex beam steering, Renkus-Heinz is the recognized world leader in steerable sound.

Our ICONYX line of digitally steered arrays has become the first-call sonic solution for the most acoustically challenging spaces on six continents. We will never settle for anything less than clear, intelligible, high-quality audio.

Our Mission & Promise

Our mission is to raise the benchmark for audio performance and engineer the best loudspeakers possible.

It is our promise to ourselves and our partners to continue to lead the industry with the most advanced & innovative technologies and unsurpassed customer service.

No matter the acoustic challenges, Renkus-Heinz will rise to the occasion. We see your needs and raise you: The Sound Solution.

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VA101-7/9-RD VA101-7/9-RD 2
IC8-RD Black

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