Glorious was established in 2004, quickly becoming a leading furniture brand for DJs, producers and vinyl lovers. Our high-quality products are designed and developed carefully by a passionate, music loving team. This results in unique and innovative furniture for use at home, in the studio or for commercial applications. We only use durable, sustainable and approved components that combine sophisticated materials with a timeless and minimal design.

DJ Stations

With the needs of professional DJs in mind, we develop DJ performance stations that are convincing due to their stability, ergonomics, work surface design, clever details for cable management and optional record storage solutions. Thanks to the unique design and sturdy construction, our workstations are an eye-catcher in every environment.

Vinyl Storage

We offer practical storage solutions for records and CDs, which can be easily integrated at home or in the studio, offering optimal access to your entire music collection. Our carefully designed furniture is based on a modular concept and can be assembled fast and easily. Sturdy constructions and robust surfaces are essential for our durable products that meet the high demands of DJs and music enthusiasts.

HiFi Stations

Our HiFi listening stations are designed for vinyl-enthusiasts, DJs and music lovers. They are not only visually appealing as HiFi living room furniture, they can also be used perfectly in record stores. The ideal solution for turntables, vinyl records and amplifiers allows you to play back, enjoy and store your own music collection in just one piece of furniture, at the same time being captivating due to high quality and a well thought out design.

Sound Desk Compact Walnut Sound Desk Compact Walnut 2
Sound Desk Compact White Sound Desk Compact White 2
Sound Desk Compact Black Sound Desk Compact Black 2
Modular Mix Rack Black Modular Mix Rack Black 2
Modular Mix Rack White Modular Mix Rack White 2
Record Box Display Door Black Record Box Display Door Black 2
Record Box Display Door White Record Box Display Door White 2
Record Stand 75 Record Stand 75 2
Workbench Driftwood Workbench Driftwood 2
Mix Station 2 Mix Station 2 2
Vintage Music Station Vintage Music Station 2
Sound Desk Pro Black Sound Desk Pro Black 2
Sound Desk Pro White Sound Desk Pro White 2
Sound Desk Pro Walnut Sound Desk Pro Walnut 2
Modular Mix Station Black Modular Mix Station Black 2
Modular Mix Station White Modular Mix Station White 2
241225 241225 2
241226 241226 2
241491 241491 2
241492 241492 2
241494 241494 2
241224 241224 2
Turntable Lowboard Turntable Lowboard 2

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