Remote Technologies Inc

Founded in 1992, RTI is a leading innovator in the control and automation industry and has won numerous awards for hardware and software products.

RTI elevates the smarthome and smart business experience with an intuitive and powerful suite of control and automation solutions.

The award-winning RTI portfolio of remotes, touchpanels, control processors and A/V distribution systems combine with the renowned RTI Integration Designer® programming software, enabling integrators to deliver exceptional and personalized control solutions to their clients.

Monitoring and control of RTI smart home and smart business systems can be from virtually anywhere in the world on an Apple or Android mobile device or Windows personal computer.

UC-MXT Media Xchange... UC-MXT Media Xchange... 2
UC-IVB-EXM Expansion... UC-IVB-EXM Expansion... 2
UC-IVB-50 4K Intelligent... UC-IVB-50 4K Intelligent... 2
WK2 WK2 2
RTiPanel Single User e-License RTiPanel Single User e-License 2
RTiPanel Unlimited User... RTiPanel Unlimited User... 2
VMS-741 VMS-741 2
KX4 KX4 2
MS-3 MS-3 2
MS-1 MS-1 2
KA11 White KA11 White 2
KA8 Black KA8 Black 2
KA8 White KA8 White 2
KA11 Black KA11 Black 2
SRTK-1 Single Room Training...
CCK-32 Custom Control Kit
KX2 KX2 2
RK1+ 8 Button In-Wall Keypad RK1+ 8 Button In-Wall Keypad 2
RK1+ 4 Button In-Wall Keypad RK1+ 4 Button In-Wall Keypad 2
RK1+ 2 Button In-Wall Keypad RK1+ 2 Button In-Wall Keypad 2
U3 U3 2

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